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Artificial grass is available in many different types depending on what its intended use is.  We have hard wearing, long and short pile, super soft and very realistic turfs for you to choose from.

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We manage your whole project start to finish; the meetings, quote, acceptance, earthworks, base, and surfacing. We can also install landscaping and fencing.


Other Applications  - Over recent year clients have been requesting synthetic surfaces for many different  application.  Some of our finer sports turfs are suitable and hard wearing for general indoor use,  gymnasiums, retail spaces, board walks and municipal areas.  Because it comes in a range of colours it can also be used to demark one areas from another. 

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Artificial Lawns

One of the great things about artificial grass in a lawn is that it takes all the work in maintenance away.  If you are time poor, retired or just find those lawn jobs a chore,  artifical grass may just be the answer you are looking for. 

Gone are the days when they were rough to the touch or looked very fake.  New technology has given us a range of consistant long lasting products with a variety to suit any requirements.

Indoor surfaces

Artificial grass is increasing being used for indoor applications. We can install a number of different options.  Some of our shorter pile options can make a good hardwearing alternative to carpet in areas where rubber matting is unsuitable, as we can install the rubber matting alongside we can do the whole job for you.

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