Synthetic Tennis Courts

There is a synthetic tennis surface to suit all lifestyles and needs and you can be assured that with minimal fuss it will continue to provide for your sporting pleasures.

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Extras - volley wall, lighting and lighting posts /fittings, kerbing, edging (concrete or timber). We can create an irresistable package to suit your needs.

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Synthetic Turf Tennis Courts

Synthetic Turf Tennis court is a surface comprised of polypropylene or polyethylene grass fibers infilled with a specially graded green sand top dressing. It is an ideal surface for customers with older courts that have severe structual cracking. Because heavy equipment is not required for installation it is also ideal for in hard-to-access locations. However, it can also be installed on a new concrete, asphalt or aggregate base.

The resulting surface is slower and more forgiving, much like a clay court, without the maintenance and foul weather issues inherent with them. The specially designed sand filled surface holds firm, even after a heavy rain, reducing wait time to minutes instead of hours. The sand level and size may be adjusted to the customers preference on ball speed and foot play. A court with more sand will be slower and create a slip and slide effect more like a clay court. A court with less sand will be faster and offer more stability. If you would like more information or have questions on whether this surface is ideal for you, feel free to contact us.

Cushioned Tennis Courts

A cushioned tennis court is a system with a typical asphalt or concrete base with several layers of cushioned rubber applied before the acrylic finish. This special cushion barrier reduces impact and fatigue on player's knees, ankles and feet. It is also a more resilient surface and is more resistant to surface cracking and peeling due to harsh climate changes and U.V. effects.

The amount of cushion depth can vary depending on how much of a "cushiony feel" the customer wants. Stratton Tennis Courts uses Deco Turf cushioning systems from California Products. They have been a world leader in the sport court surface industry. DecoTurf’s multi-layer cushion tennis surface has been selected for use at the world’s most prestigious events including the US Open since 1978, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Davis Cup and Fed Cup matches, and at many of the finest facilities around the world. DecoTurf has a well-established network of trained authorized applicators around the world.

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Synthetic compared to Asphalt

An increasing number of Cantabrians are bringing their hobbies home with them. With busy lifestyles and demanding jobs, the call for a simple and low maintenance outdoor system has been answered by synthetic tennis courts. Having Stratton Sports Courts install your synthetic tennis court carries huge advantages, with specially designed surfaces that provide an environment that is both safe and largely maintenance free.

One of the benefits of synthetic tennis courts is you can use it all year round without needing to worry about the maintenance of clay or grass. During the winter months, clay and grass courts tend to become un-useable, but synthetic courts are specially designed to prevent water logging and have a level of water permeability that prevents flooding. Synthetic tennis courts also have excellent advantages over asphalt or concrete courts as the surface is specially designed to prevent slipping and accidents that rain causes on asphalt courts, not to mention the low impact on your knees.

Canterbury experiences a range of extreme weather conditions with freezing winters and dry, scorching summers. Stratton Sports Courts synthetic tennis courts are designed to withstand these harsh elements and have a special durability that asphalt or concrete courts simply don’t have. Synthetic courts don’t crack or become rough due to exposure and they maintain an excellent level of playability during all weather conditions. Rain is known to slow the ball on most courts, but the specially designed surface of a synthetic court ensures there is a consistent ball speed and that foot traction is sustained. The installation of synthetic tennis courts is a straightforward process and with the latest laser technology the accuracy of design can be implemented into a quality structure that suits your requirements. 

Stratton Sports Courts synthetic tennis courts are an asset for those wanting to have an outdoor life without the time consuming maintenance that some tennis courts demand. The quality of the sports grade yarn and polymer extrusion technology ensure that the tennis court will continue to look great for years. There is a synthetic tennis surface to suit all lifestyles and needs and you can be assured that with minimal fuss it will continue to provide for your sporting pleasures.

Advantages of Synthetic Courts vs. Asphalt

  • Aesthetics
  • Playability
  • All weather
  • Choice of colours
  • Cost effective (installing a new synthetic court is even cheaper than fixing asphalt)
  • Can be installed on top of existing asphalt or concrete courts. Please contact us for a free consultation. 

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It is important to note that synthetic courts pose a viable solution to remediating or fixing an asphalt court. Consider that you will have no demolition concerns!

We work on and over existing surfaces which means no invasive demolition or damage that can occur with heavy machinery, trucks or diggers. Many courts have been installed before homes were built. Access to the court area is restricted or impossible.

Stratton Sports Courts have the solution to this. Call today for a free estimate and get back to playing tennis and enjoying your sport.

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